Batman Goes Full Frontal

DC comics have always been known to be a bit edgier than Marvel Comics, but now Batman has gone full frontal nudity in what is being called the Batpenis Issue: "Batman: Damned" is part of DC's Black Label series that's definitely not aimed at kids.

Now Batman fans are getting a look they haven't seen before as Bruce Wayne AKA Dark Knight is putting his manhood on display for readers on certain platforms.

An uncensored version of Batpenis is shown in print editions of 'Batman: Damned' which is available in comic book stores now. It presents a slightly obscured shot of Bruce Wayne's penis hidden in shadows. The member is seen a total of four times throughout the comic. In the online version, the penis is mostly hidden and only a trace is seen.

We have the shadowed version below for our ahem, female readers. If your a perv who wants to see the entire Batpenis, you can check it out here.

UPDATE: The Batpenis issue sold out on newsstands, and DC Comics has informed comic book retailers that Batman: Damned #1 will not be reprinted. As a result, the comic is selling for $60-$160, with graded and slabbed copies going for up to $500+ when signed.