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What is Sexy: Weather Girls

One of the most annoying questions someone can ask is "how's the weather?" Our response is always "Dunno, go outside". Every single time. Why would anyone ask what the weather is? It's like the questioner has no intentions of ever leaving the house. Weather is also the conversation starter of the socially inept who believe small talk is the way to fill awkward silences. We would rather you just fart in the elevator than try to cover it up with weak small talk about how cold it is. I just walked in, I know it's cold. I don't need a recap of what I just experienced 30 seconds ago. Besides, your trivial expostulations about proper attire for today's snow storm just make you sound like an old lady. Yes grandma, I know layering is important in this kind of weather. Yes, I know ear muffs can prevent frostbite. The weather is the most boring of subjects. That must be why so many television stations employ hot AF weather girls. They need to keep your attention until the sports news comes on. With the sexy weather girls below, they could be announcing the end of the world and no one would hear it, or care. By the way, according to our research, Mexico must have the most boring weather because they have the highest number of sexy weather girls. Check out the collection of sexy weather girls below, then tune into your local news and see if your weather girl compares to the ones we found for this weeks What is Sexy Collection. If not, exercise your right to protest and send the station a letter telling them to get with the program.

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