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What is Sexy: Weather Girl Solci Perez

We recently showed you just how sexy weather girls can be, and Yanet García gets a lot of votes for sexiest of all. We can see why, but Argentinian weather girl Maria Sol Perez AKA Solci Perez might take the cake. Okay, she is a former weather girl turned ring girl turned Instagram sensation who kept the temperatures high after her departure from weather by posting topless selfies on Instagram that gathered nearly 700,000 views in less than 24 hours. Even soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo began liking her posts on Instagram. We don't blame him. Then she went all in and stripped on live TV during an outrageous Argentine gameshow called Combate. The first thing you notice is her assets, and those assets are insured for $75,000 protecting it from "all risks". We're not sure what that means but we not going to argue that she is worth it. The former TV show host wasn't always so hot, in fact she posted a pic from before she became a workout fanatic to show just how hard she has worked to build those killer curves. That's why she often posts videos of her working out and lifting heavy weights. I guess a hot body takes hard work. That leaves us out. Solci claims her favorite food is ice cream, but it doesn't look like she eats much of it. Solci Perez now can count 3.3 million Instagram followers who frequently show her love to the tune of 100,000 likes for her posts. You can see why by checking out the photos below. Then you can become a drooling Solci zombie by going to her Instagram.

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