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Best Chance to Witness a UFO

Best Chance to Witness a UFO

It’s a good bet that if your reading this post, you have looked up at the sky at least once and wondered “are they watching?” It’s easy to be curious about UFO’s, aliens, and flying saucers. Regardless if you believe or not, most of us can say we have stargazed at least once and thought about the possibility that we are not alone. If you are hoping to increase your chances of a close encounter, I went ahead and did a little research to see what gives you the best chance of seeing a UFO.

Best Locations to see a UFO

Just like with real estate, location is key - so if you’re searching for UFO’s it definitely helps to live in the right spot. The state of California has the most reported sightings each year, but with such a large population your ODDS of seeing a UFO are actually less. Life is about playing the odds, so according to the Charlotte Observer, here is a list of the ten states with the best odds of seeing something unidentified in the sky: (in descending order) Wyoming, Vermont, Montana, North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine. Notice that those states have a lot of remote locations and open sky.

The 10 states where you're least likely to see one seem to have bigger cities and big populations: Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arizona, New Jersey, Michigan and Maryland. Now if you’re looking for history making sightings, you might wanna check out the UFO Hunters Bucket List for the locations of some of the most famous sightings ever reported.

Best Time to See a UFO

Besides being in the right place, you need to be there at the right time. There have been plenty of day sightings, but it would seem like the best time to see a UFO would be late at night, and indeed most abductions are reported along dark highways in the wee hours of the morning. Being in a remote location, away from city lights seems to be helpful, though there have been plenty of city sightings that makes pinpointing a particular time of day for spotting UFO's difficult. It seems your best chance is by simply being observant.

ufo electrical storm

Weather and UFO Sightings

Weather does play a factor in UFO sightings and most reports are in clearer weather conditions. It's obvious that visibility is helping observers. What throws off the theory is reports of sightings near foggy mountain tops, and in electrical storms. The Huffington Post reported on MUFON case No. 68838 from Oak Park, Illinois. The witness stated “I was shooting video of a storm cloud emitting heat lightning from our back porch” and “when I viewed the video I saw a streak of light that I cannot explain or rationalize.” Weather experts said the glowing orb could have been ball lighting, but the slightly irregular path the object takes raises some doubts. One thing I've noticed in my research is that there are no reported UFO sightings that I could find which occurred during rainy conditions.

Best Days to See a UFO

Certain days seem to increase the probability of a sighting, so for the best odds look to the skies on July 4th. Independence day represents 2.1% of all sightings of the 121,000 reported UFO sightings from 2001 through 2015. New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, July 3rd, and July 5th are also good bets. It's been suggested that many reports are actually fireworks that have been misidentified, and of course alcohol fueled partying has been suggested for the sudden jump in reports on these dates. I honestly can't remember a report where the observer was inebriated, though I'm sure that does explain a very small percentage of UFO sightings. Many people do report sightings on Saturdays, and that may be because it's when most of us get a chance to sit down and pay attention to our surroundings.

Other Techniques to Enhance Your Chance of Witnessing a UFO Be Antisocial: It might sound funny, but it seems like if you were going to abduct someone, it would make sense to take someone who won’t be noticed missing.

Tune In: Some people seem to see more paranormal occurrences than others. They seem to be tuned into these things. If you don’t seem to have “the gift” you can still increase the likelihood of spotting something in the sky. Some witnesses have reported that signaling extraterrestrials with flash lights and other light sources has drawn a return response back. Others rely on Shamans and spiritual practitioners who claim to have the gift of communication with those on another plane. Focus Your Thoughts: Some people also believe that you can “summon” an appearance by UFO’s. There was actually a group formed which created an official holiday of sorts called World Contact Day. A bunch of researchers meet every year to focus their thoughts into space, sort of like a guided meditation. Read more about World Contact Day here.


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