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What is Sexy: High Beams

If you're like us, seeing a woman's nipples poking through her shirt is a sure fire attention grabber. Affectionately known as high beams, hard nipples are a common sign of sexual arousal and stimulation. You should try to hold eye contact, but don't feel too bad for staring when you see her nipples standing at attention. But sexual arousal isn't the only reason nipples get hard: sensitivity and allergic reactions to things like laundry detergent and things like shampoo or even perfume on the skin can cause nips to stand up and even become reddened and itchy. Ovulation and pregnancy can also cause this reaction since nipples become more sensitive at this time. Nipple piercings, though sexy, can also keep them erect and make them more sensitive. So be careful when you reach out to make a move and grab her breasts. Whatever the reason, high beams are sexy and the featured topic of this weeks collection of sexy pics. Enjoy.

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