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Scott Shop Towels

Scott Shop Towels

Working in the shop means you are bound to have some messes to clean up. We usually use plain old paper towels for wiping up our mess, and more recently bought some shop rags for clean up chores. Cloth shop towels work great and are reusable, but the problem is washing them. In an industrial environment, clean up isn't an issue since a cleaning service takes the rags and cleans or replaces them. In the house, the wife isn't going to like you washing your oil soaked red towels in the family washing machine and you run the risk of creating more work for yourself if those chemicals build up.

That's why we finally gave Scott Shop Towels a try.

Scott has specifically made the blue towels to be extra absorbent and ideal for cleaning up liquids like oil and grease. We used them to clean up after an oil change and they absorbed more than the plain white paper towels that we always use, and they held up much better. Scots Shop Towels are thicker and don't break apart like regular paper towels do. That means you can use them longer and on tougher jobs.

Scot says they even work when wet. We used them to apply wood stain to a desk we built and found that they worked great without leaving lint on the surface. They were tough enough to scrub car parts clean of grease build up, and even capable of helping to polish some metal parts. They worked great when applying thinner to remove paint where we needed to use some elbow grease to remove paint. Around the house, they are strong enough for cleaning up messes on the stove or for scrubbing around the toilet, so your wife may want to keep a roll in the closet for chores. We have even heard of people keeping them around for pet messes.

You can buy Scot Shop Towels on Amazon though this link if you can't find them locally.


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