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Who Says Chivalry is Dead? Guy Writes “WILL YOU MARRY ME” on a Cow

from WhiskeyRiff:

How about this one ladies?

According to reports, a man proposed to his girlfriend by writing “will you marry me?” on the side of her favorite cow. While she said yes, our newly engaged hero said “She’s still not forgiven me for writing on her,” he added of the cow.

Now I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out the absolutely perfect proposal idea, and all I had to do was drag her out into a field and write on a the side of her favorite farm animal. Maybe I should just get a puppy and write on it? Get a her a horse? Or go really big, write it on the side of a polar bear and take her to the zoo?

What do you think ladies? Good move, or will I be sleeping in the barn?