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The Afrovivalist is a woman we came across who is trying to spread the word of preparedness and self reliance to the black community. That's because minorities are often the least prepared in times of disaster and rely on the government to take care of them in times of crisis. We don't need to remind you of recent hurricanes, such as Hurricane Katrina, to show how slow government response can be in natural disasters and many died from lack of clean drinking water and injuries that could not be addressed. Much of the devastation to families could have been avoided with a proper disaster plan - a stockpile of food and water, and tools and gear to get by until help arrived.

A self described Huntress and tomboy, the Afrovivalist grew up on a homestead in Southern Oregon in the early 1970's. It was this humble start that led to her preparedness mindset: her family of four (plus a dog) lived in a one room shack. Her family stayed busy on the homestead keeping the land, raising animals, and learning survival skills. A Marine father made sure she learned traditional "male skills" like fixing automobiles, archery, and how to use a firearm - skills that made her and her family self sufficient. In fact, she says they rarely had a need to even visit a grocery store.

The Afrovivalist isn't some zombie fearing crazy though, she is smart enough to recognize that preparedness should focus on things like man made natural disasters, catastrophes like potential solar flares, and things like EMP attacks that would render modern society helpless with its reliance on electronic devices. Though she is prepared for when SHTF, her website emphatically states that she has no room for those who didn't prepare for themselves.

Right now, the Afrovivalist is building a sustainable Earthship on a 20 acre property in an off grid community that will be made from natural and recycled materials. An aquaponic system will provide a year round supply of fresh fish, and a greenhouse will supply herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

If your ready to look deeper at self preparedness, we recommend giving her website a look. She also has a YouTube channel and podcast as well that offers a wealth of information to help you prepare for disasters and emergencies. We subscribed to her YouTube channel and so should you.

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