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Simple Tricks to Stop Snoring

Stop Snoring with these Simple Tricks

Snoring might not seem like a big deal, but tell that to your significant other who is left to toss and turn all night while you keep them up. This can also lead to some relationship issues if it keeps your partner awake. There are plenty of solutions to help you stop snoring and thus sleep better all through the night.

What Measures Can You Take To Stop Snoring?

Everyone snores once in a while and it should not worry you - but if you snore regularly during the night it can influence your quality of sleep resulting in irritability, more health problems and daytime fatigue. Snoring can also be a sign of something more serious like an airway obstruction or sleep apnea. Here are some simple fixes that might help with your snoring problem.

Avoid Eating Big Meals and Dairy Products Late at Night Drinking dairy products such as milk can worsen your snoring problem because it will leave a mucus layer in your throat and mouth, which increases blockage of your airways. Try not to eat big meals too close to your bedtime because when the stomach becomes full it pushes up against the diaphragm affecting your rhythmic breathing.

Regular Tongue and Throat Exercises A stronger tongue and throat can help to prevent over-relaxation of your throat area. Put your lower and upper molars together gently and open the mouth while concentrating on pressing the molars wide apart without overstretching. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times and you will begin feeling the back of the mouth opening up.

Avoid or Limit Alcohol Use Alcohol is a relaxant and it can worsen your snoring problem because it causes an extremely relaxed state. Snoring occurs when your tongue and throat are relaxed meaning alcohol can make snoring worse. Restrict or avoid your alcohol consumption altogether to reduce your snoring for a better quality of sleep.

Get a Humidifier Dry air contributes to snoring because it dries out your nasal membranes and throat generating congestion. This congestion can restrain your natural breathing pattern causing vibration of these tissues. A humidifier can aid in getting rid of this dry air bringing about more comfort for your body and ultimately promoting more natural breathing. Adding essential oils to the humidifier also has some benefits.

Keep Your Bodyweight in Check Excess body weight more so around your neck can narrow down your throat when you are lying down. This makes you prone to snoring. Reducing your weight can result in healthier sleep aside from other health benefits. This is one of the most efficient solutions for anyone looking to stop snoring.

Oral Appliances You can speak to your dentist about getting an oral appliance to help in changing your airway opening so the tongue gets enough room preventing any obstruction during sleep. Devices only worn during sleep can be an effective treatment option for helping to eliminate your snoring. These oral appliances fit like an orthodontic retainer or sports mouth guard and they support your jaw in a forward position helping to encourage an open upper airway.

Sleeping on Your Side If your snoring is not a major issue then this can be a helpful trick. You may find it difficult to sleep on your side all through the night but a body pillow can help you maintain this position. The position may prevent your untoned and relaxed muscles in the throat from obstructing your breathing passageways. Tape a tennis ball to the back of your sleeping clothes to keep you from rolling onto your back.


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