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What is Sexy: Cheek Dimple Piercings

One thing that we think is really cute on a girl is dimple piercings. Now most often you will see these on the Suicide Girl type: a girl who is a bit of a rebel, maybe a little bit punk rock or goth, the kind with colored hair, lots of tattoos, and maybe a bunch of other piercings. But not always.

Sometimes you will find the girl next door, the geek or librarian type, who got some dimple piercings to show a little edge. They are a good way to accent dimples you already have, or give you some when you have none. Either way the ladies in the pictures below show how to rock cheek dimple piercings the right way - making them worthy of this weeks What is Sexy collection. If your thinking about getting it done, there are pros and cons, so watch the videos below.

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