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Vladimir Putin Doesn't Age

Vladimir Putin Doesn't Age

If you look at pictures of Vladimir Putin through the years, it seems that he doesn't age. Leading a country is a physically demanding job that takes it toll. We saw President Obama and Bush age quickly while in office, and the role as president is bound to take its toll on Trump (though his tanning fixation may help conceal it). When it comes to Putin though, there has to be something going on. We don't want to suggest that he is participating in Illuminati Rituals, but his physical appearance defies the test of time. What's going on?

Putin Illuminati Adrenochrome

One doctor chimed in to suggest plastic surgery is at work, since a key sign of aging is fat loss in the cheeks and Putin's' seem to have grown plumper with time - suggesting steady rounds of non-invasive cosmetic treatments. The previous hollow cheeks and bags under his eyes that we saw just a few years ago have disappeared. In the image above from 2010 where Putin has a black eye it was explained as occurring in a round of boxing. The more likely answer was that it was from a cosmetic procedure. Conspiracy Theorists will point out that many Illuminati members have been spotted with similar black eyes and believe it is from usage of Adrenochrome. The so called super drug of the elite, it is reportedly harvested from the adrenal glands of young children. Could this explain Putin's black eye and ability to halt aging?

Putin Balding Illuminati

Putin is known to be very athletic and in excellent physical condition for his age. One thing that exercise cannot combat is hair loss. Putin is nearly bald, and has been that way for many years, though has never completely lost his hair. Could the reason be that Adrenochrome has halted his aging? We doubt that this is the case, but images of Putin through the years would make the non skeptic wonder how Putin has never completely lost his hair. Even the best anti-hairloss shampoos wouldn't have saved his mane considering the state it was in, and his hair is too thin to be a hair piece.

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