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Texting and Driving

Today I am going to take a moment to rant on a topic that is important to me : texting and driving. Let me say that if you frequently do this, then you are the scum of the earth. You see, when you drive around texting, it shows that you have no regard for human life. That makes you a monster. You are as dangerous if not more dangerous than a drunk driver - at least he is looking at the road. You are in effect, driving blind, crashing through the streets hoping to make it to your destination.

Now that I have that off my chest let me explain my reasons why I hate people who text and drive. Reason one, about two weeks ago I'm on my way home from work when suddenly a mail truck swerves in front of me. I have to swerve but there’s a car in the lane next to me. I’ve been in sticky situations before on the road (that’s another story) and I managed to keep my composure, and avoided hitting the car in the lane on my left and keeping the mail truck on the right from slamming into me. I slammed on my horn and pull up alongside the mail truck. As I do I see a woman tucking a cell phone into the box of mail on the little seat next to her. She glances at me at then refuses to make eye contact and even as I blast my horn she will not look at me. She knows she fucked up.

Just this morning there was a car in front of me drifting left to right, right to left while driving about ten miles under the speed limit. It's 9 am but I am thinking this guy has to be drunk. As we merge on the freeway ramp I managed to get around him. As I pass I stare over and see him looking straight down, face buried in a cell phone paying no mind whatsoever to the road. I hit my horn at him. The loud blasting horn didn’t even register and he never broke eye contact with his phone - totally oblivious to his surroundings. That’s why these people are dangerous. And it’s a bigger problem than drunk drivers. You can never completely eliminate a problem, but drunk driving is on the decline. The fines and damage to your insurance is too big that people have started to smarten up. Yet there’s no consequence for texting. I even see cops dong it.

Now I get it, we all have to hit the answer button for Bluetooth to take over, or pause our music that’s streaming. I do that but it’s a quick glance. If there is something I must reply to by text, which is very little, it’s a yes or no answer. Often it’s just a “y” or “n”. I just don’t see much that’s worth taking the chance of hurting myself or especially someone else over. The worst thing I think I could feel is knowing that I killed someone because I needed to "lol" to a friends joke. Or take a selfie to send to someone. If I was a cop I would be after you fuckers.

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