Why Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You

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Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You

Brief History of Mountain Dew

Back in the 40's, two beverage bottlers from Tennessee, Barney and Ally Hartman came up with the formula which was later revised by Bill Bridgforth in 1958 and the rights were sold to the Tip Corporation of Marion, Virginia. The formula was further developed and the version of Mountain Dew we all know and enjoy today was created. Mass production started in 1964 when Pepsi-Col Company bought the rights to the Green Monster.

Nowadays, the drink is most consumed the South, particularly in the Appalachian region which is also a no.1 nation in toothlessness, an epidemic also known as Mountain Dew Mouth. Sadly, people are not aware that this drink is harming them and killing them. If you still have doubts about the negative side effects of this fuzzy drink, continue reading the article.

Why Is Mountain Dew Bad for You?

Overly acidic

Believe it or not, this drink is even more acidic than Pepsi, i.e. it has a pH of 3 whereas Pepsi has a pH of 2.5. As you may already know, acidity is not good for the pH of the body because it will disrupt the alkaline-acidity balance and make the body more acidic. An acidic environment puts you at a higher risk of all kinds of health problems, including cancer.

Affects testosterone levels negatively

The BPA in plastic and can linings has a negative impact on the testosterone levels. BPA elevates the risk of infertility, reproductive cancers, heart disease, thyroid problems, and more.

It is filled with GMO's

Genetically-modified foods and drinks can have a debilitating effect on the overall health. Mountain Dew is known to contain BVO acid, GMO corn and soy, sodium benzoate, BPA, and yellow dye made from coal tar.

Falsely advertised

According to the manufacturers, this beverage is a Game Fuel; hence, a large number of gamers throughout the world play their favorite game, sometimes for up to 12, hours and during this time, they drink a lot of Mountain Dew.

Pepsi knows it is not good

Back in 2012, the company Pepsi Co was sued after Ronald Ball had claimed that a Mountain Dew can he bought from a vending machine had a rancid taste and when he poured out the contents, he found a dead mouse inside it! The evidence was sent to Pepsi Co and they responded that the mouse would have broken down in the soda between bottling and consumption and that the drink would have had jelly-like texture.

It can lead to nerve disorders

According to Healing Life Is Natural, a study from 1997 showed that one of the ingredients in Mountain Dew, i.e. bromine, can trigger nerve disorders, memory loss, and skin lesions.

Final Thoughts on Mountain Dew

To preserve your optimal health and stop destroying your teeth and overall health, stop consuming this soda drink, as well as other soda drinks. They have no nutritive value whatsoever and are highly addictive. Instead, opt for clean water, homemade sodas or juices, smoothies, or lemonade. This way, you will have greater control over the ingredients in the drink.



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