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Amazon Basics Batteries

Amazon Basics Batteries

Batteries are not sexy. Batteries are not cool. But you need batteries for things like the tv remote, your remote controlled car, maybe even your girlfriends vibrator - and those things get expensive quick. When our smoke detector started chirping after just a month or two on our Duracell's, we knew we had to find something better. We tried going the rechargeable battery route, but that was even more expensive, and we were not good about keeping a spare set charged - so it seemed like whenever the remote died we had to wait forever for the rechargeable to be ready. And they tend to take awhile. Enter Amazon Basic Batteries. The price is right, and the power output is right up there with big boy battery brands like EverReady, Duracell, and Energizer. They even sell cr-123 batteries that you see in a lot tactical flashlights and things like that. Amazon doesn't offer a commission on batteries, but we still recommended them. Get them here.


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