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Reward Offered for Proof of Alien Life

According to a local article, Pittsburgh area UFO researcher and coordinator of the Pennsylvania UFO Conferences John Ventre has upped the ante in UFO research by offering a $30,000 reward for proof of extraterrestrial life. He is ponying up $20k of his own money, and another $10k from an anonymous source. No, he isn't looking for some dubious wreckage or space rocks - he is looking for some hard evidence, or in his words “medically proven irrefutable Grey or Reptilian extraterrestrial, dead or alive.’’

An alien body may be hard to come by since Ventre believes that alien visitors are interdimensional, not physical. “It’s more spiritual. ... I think they have the ability to materialize energy because it does show up on radar, sonar. People see something flying. I believe something is flying around. But I think it goes back into a dimension. It almost de-materializes or runs out of energy and has to go back into its dimension. It can’t say here for long periods.”

In lieu of an actual body, Ventre will accept medical and scientific certification of any alien life form. Here is his post from Facebook:

Wanted: Dead or Alive Extraterrestrial

$30K Reward

Statistically, there should be life in space. NASA claims there are 8.8B earthlike planets in our galaxy alone. Our government spent $22m from 2007-12 to search for aliens. Radar, video and pilot testimony supports the conclusion that something unidentified breaches our air space at will. Just who are these uninvited guests? SETI and astrobiologists have found nothing. Creationists and Oxford Universities Future of Humanity Institute conclude that we are alone in the universe. Author and researcher John Ventre believes the alien abduction ET question is spiritual and a malevolent interdimensional shape shifter and not from space, and that ancient sites were built by/for ancient deities and not ancient aliens. He therefore issues this challenge:

John Ventre and associates are offering a $30k plus reward for a medically proven irrefutable Grey or Reptilian extraterrestrial, dead or alive (Nordics are too human like but will also qualify along with any Ambassador for a U.N. meeting). Some people claim eye color or Rh factor is proof; it is not. Since there are over 10,000 reported UFO sightings per year, 39 alleged UFO crashes between 1865 and 1992 and 2.7% of Americans (9M) believe they have been abducted by aliens, then where are the ETs? Enrico Fermi asked this similar paradoxical question in 1950 of Edward Teller and colleagues. Some groups even believe that ETs are actively helping us and it is a positive beneficial experience to be taken against your will. But, where are the current day Val Thor and Semjase for medical testing?

The reward amount will grow based on pledged C.O.D. donations. The ET must be medically and scientifically certified to be of extraterrestrial origin. If dead due to natural causes, ownership will be transferred to John Ventre and associates. No ET is to be hunted or killed. Participants agree to hold John Ventre and associates harmless for their actions. All liability falls upon the participant. Offer valid until March 1, 2019. Pledges and alleged evidence photos can be emailed to John Ventre at jventre1@gmail.com . Participants agree that all emailed photos and reports become the property of John Ventre and associates for study.

It is time to put up or shut up regarding aliens from space.

Ventre says “Statistically, there should be life in space. NASA claims there are 8.8 billion earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. Our government spent $22 million from 2007 to 2012 to search for aliens". I agree with the numbers - something has to be out there, but if the government has spent that much and come up with nothing, I doubt that $30,000 will be enough to lure a body out of hiding. I think the History Channel alone would pay ten times that just for the rights of filming the discovery. Given what the Alien Autopsy made, this seems like nothing more than a well meaning publicity stunt.

Let's suppose someone has the evidence that Ventre is seeking. Just putting the word out that you had an alien body would undoubtedly put you on the radar of every national media outlet and government agency. If such a piece of evidence was not seized immediately by the Men In Black, what would it be worth?

Works of art (with less historical importance than proof of alien life) sell for in excess of $100 million - take for example Edvard Munch's famous painting, "The Scream", which sold for $119.9 million in 2012. Picasso’s “Women of Algiers,” nabbed $179.4 million at Christie’s in May 2015. More recently, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” sold for $450.3 million - shattering the high for any work of art sold at auction.

So an alien body? Does Ventre really think that $30,000 will bring the elusive proof of alien life out of someone's attic or basement? We are talking about evidence which would completely rewrite the history of man, the universe, and call into question every religious creed we find faith in. I think he needs to put a little more in the pot - maybe it's time for a GoFundMe.


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