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Identifying Illuminati Members

We received the above photograph from a reader who captured the image of his coworkers desk. The reader asked if we thought that the photograph was evidence that his cubicle buddy was an Illuminati member. That brought us to do some research so that we could give an informed answer. Through our research on the Illuminati, we found several possible signs that someone is a member of the secret society - but no set in stone or tell tale sign exists. Take what we present below with a grain of salt: one or two signs doesn't mean someone close to you is a member. Likewise, displaying all the signs on our list still may mean they are not Illuminati. Use sound judgement and evidence before declaring someone Illuminati and outing them - the consequences could be fatal. Here are the potential signs we have found to identify members of the Illuminati:

1. They Deny the Illuminati Exists

A true member of the Illuminati could never reveal the existence of the organization, so it's natural that they will deny that the organization even exists. Try confronting them indirectly. Ask a simple question like "What do you think of the Illuminati?" to gauge their response. If the target changes the subject, or refuses to directly answer the question, continue down the list before making a decision. More direct questions like "Are you Illuminati?" are bound to come across as confrontational, especially around other people. This may cause you to become the target of their wrath.

2. They Manage to Avoid Trouble with the Law

Illuminati Members are untouchable, meaning they will never be in trouble with the law, and may literally get away with murder. A coworker or friend with a long rap sheet would never be accepted to the secret society as their actions would draw too many eyes to the group and their activities. The Illuminati have many connections in law and with public officials - so any crimes will be covered up or not prosecuted. If the member is being taught a lesson, they may walk away with a lesser charge and slap on the wrist as a warning for what will happen if they continue to disobey the orders of their masters.

3. They Encourage Rebellion

Though Illuminati members avoid trouble with the law, they encourage the sheeple to scuffle with law enforcement as a means of control. They encourage acts of civil disobedience as a way of making sure that you have a police record, and therefore can never achieve your full potential. The coworker who is first to suggest a union or protest may have ulterior motives. These acts draw attention to you as a rebel, someone who needs to be controlled to maintain order. These trivial "rebellions" also draw your attention away from more important issues. Arguing over gluten on the cafeteria menu may be a way to draw focus away from reduced compensation or vacation time. Like we see in the news now, hostilities over silly things like straws and who can use a rest room distract us from laws being passed that take away our rights.

4. Apparent Psychic Ability

Many members of the Illuminati appear to have psychic ability because they always seem to make the right decision and foresee events. Often they will be quite successful in business or activities like investing - suggesting that they have some sort of gift that makes them good at their profession. The truth is, they are neither psychic nor gifted, but rather are controlling events in such a way as to give the appearance of ability. If you were calling the shots in the global order of things, you would be able to amass a fortune as well.

5. They Hold Positions of Power

Because of the ability to make decisions that benefit the corporation, and perceived psychic like ability, Illuminati members often hold positions high on the corporate ladder. That doesn't mean that every member of the Illuminati is a CEO: many hold positions as mangers, accountants, and other lesser white and even blue collar roles because in the grand scheme of things they must hold power at all levels of society. If a member can prove his worth at a lower level, he may later be given a more influential role and achieve a higher degree later.

6. Deep Knowledge of the Media and Popular Culture

Since the Illuminati control media, television, and music - it's important to stay up to the minute on current events so that they can be sure their will is being carried out. If you know someone who seems to follow the news and current events closely, look for other signs such as knowledge of news that would serve them no purpose. For example, one individual we have reason to believe is Illuminati is a man who is at least 60 years old, but knows the latest news about pop music celebrities - definitely not what you would expect from someone old enough to be your grandparent. The knowledge of information that would be otherwise inconsequential is due to the fact that the Illuminati MAKES the news. They choose what we will see and hear as a greater part of exerting control over us.

7. They Don't Seem to Age

The Illuminati are known for their elaborate rituals and blood sacrifices, all for the sake of staying young as long as possible. Some theories suggest that blood sacrifices are necessary to keep their true reptilian form hidden. That may mean that if you know someone who is especially young looking for their age, they may be part of these kind of rituals - especially if they live a lifestyle that would otherwise make a youthful appearance impossible. We see this with celebrities rumored to participate in Illuminati rituals - despite hard lives filled with drugs and alcohol they seem to stay youthful and span generations of influence over movies and music.

8. Long Unexplained Weekends

It is suggested that in weekend long, invitation only ceremonies like Bohemian Grove, men of prominence gather for pagan rituals to affirm their membership in the Illuminati, discuss the course of humanity, and to make the aforementioned human sacrifices to maintain youth. That doesn't mean that if someone you know has frequent weekends away they are an Illuminati member, but combined with other signs, and secrecy about their plans, these long weekends may be cause for alarm - especially if this person holds a prominent role in the workplace.

9. Education

Illuminati members are almost always well educated. They need the degree of respect that education affirms to hold their positions of prominence. It was once thought that Ivy League education was a necessary pre-requisite, but as the hand of power grows, other colleges and universities could be training grounds for Illuminati members. Education and college degrees alone do not guarantee membership, and most of us realize that education does not mean intelligence, but it's much easier to convince the sheeple to listen when you seem "smart".

10. Family Name and Bloodlines

The number one way to identify an Illuminati member is by name. As our previous article mentioned, a handful of families hold power over the world. If you know anyone with one of the following last names - conspiracy theorists believe their membership in the Illuminati is all but guaranteed: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild , Russell , Van Duyn, and Li.

Based on what we have learned, and presented above, the photograph is inconclusive. Though it definitely gives us cause for alarm, the Illuminati Symbolism could be a naive attempt to summon members to initiate him. We doubt that a true member of the Illuminati would so openly display his allegiance, though such a vulgar display of power could be evidence of a powerful position in the Illuminati.