• Brooke Bailey

Rogue Load Trainer

I came across a cool piece of weight training equipment called the Rogue Load Trainer. It allows you to carry an Olympic style weight on your back - similar to a weighted vest. The bonus here is that you can more easily change the weight carried, adding more as your fitness increases.

Adding extra weight while walking or hiking is a good way to increase stamina and ensure a full body workout. Many athletes train with weighted vests and see an increase in cardiovascular performance in addition to overall strength. Carrying weights in a backpack or rucksack is also popular among weekend warriors who train for events like Tough Mudder, GoRuck Challenge, or the Spartan Race. I think Cross Fit fans will make great use out of this as well.

The Rogue Load Carrier is a pretty simple design: the load carrying post is mounted to a lightly used military ALICE frame (included in the package). This carries the weight securely on the upper middle portion of the back to reduce any injury risk. There is an included hitch pin that keeps the plate in place and prevents it from shifting - even in high intensity training. Also included are mounting hardware, a kidney pad, and molded shoulder straps.

The Load Trainer weighs 6.5 pounds by itself and totals 10 pounds when paired with the ALICE frame. That might be a good starting point for those who are just beginning a training program. You could add five pounds every week. It's made from solid metal, so should last for years of training, and is made in the USA.

If you are doubting the technology of the Rogue Trainer, it was designed by a Naval Special Warfare Operator (SWCC) and Rogue believes it is a great tool for special warfare and military preparation. The Rogue Trainer isn't cheap at $129.00, but that's not a bad price to bay for a heavy duty piece of equipment that helps vary your workouts to keep you motivated. Get one by clicking here.