• Mr. Right

Inspirational Quotes

There’s one thing that I absolutely loathe: inspirational quotes. Don’t get me wrong - there are quite a few quotes that really make me stop to think. Mostly ones from the movie Fight Club. I even have a framed quote that says “its only after you've lost everything that you’re free to do anything” on the wall in the bathroom. I consider it a personal life motto. I look at it every morning to remind myself that I can do anything today, I am free. But one thing I don't do is post it all over the place and share it all over social media or at work. But a lot of people out there like to pollute my feed with their ideas of inspiration, or worse yet force me to read this kind of trash at work.

Recently someone had a brain storm and decided it would be a great idea to post a bunch of motivational and inspiring quotes on a board for everyone to see...but that board is on the wall right in front of my desk. And now I'm forced to look at this shit all day every day. And none of them I find to be inspiring. Rather, I find that they remind me of how much I work, how much the company makes by my underpaid labor, how much I wish I was somewhere else. Not the aim I'm sure.

When I come home and check social media, I get bombarded yet again by the inspiration brigade. People posting little memes and the thing is, many of these people live completely opposite of the message they spread. One girl loves to urge everyone to "live simply" yet sports designer purses and clothes. Another loves to tell everyone to "leave yesterday behind and focus on today" yet is the first to remind you of something negative that happened a year ago. It reminds me a lot of the church goes I've known who were alcoholics, or went home to beat their wife. All is forgiven if you just post an inspirational meme!

Inspirational quotes are no better than jacking off to porn: it's a way of getting what your not getting. A way to pretend that the world isn't spiraling out of control around you. Rather than take action to get a handle on hard times, find a quote to pray on and make it all better. Husband ignores you to watch football? Post an inspirational meme about how fulfilling your relationship is so no one is aware of your misery. Cheated on your boyfriend a fourth time? Meme about how important "commitment and honesty" are so important to you. It's all a cover for the shambles your real life is in.

Inspirational quotes are no different than the whores with bad tattoos. They get some inked inspirational quote on their rib cage or collar bone and 99.9% of the time its some reference to the whore days of their past. Rather than talk about the about leaving the past behind, why not just do it? Want more hard work out of an employee? Try paying better or offering some perks. Leave the inspirational quotes in the bathroom where they belong.