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Flat Earthers Subject of a New Conspiracy Theory

Flat Earthers Subject of a New Conspiracy Theory

A new image has begun to make its way around the Facebook Conspiracy groups focused on Flat Earth Theory, except this time there's a twist: Flat Earthers are actually Free Masons in disguise. The evidence is the top photo which shows the hand sign Flat Earth Society members make at their gatherings. The hand sign is similar to the hand sign shown by a master mason in the image below...and of course you know that Masons = Illuminati, therefore Flat Earther = Illuminati. So that further suggests that the whole Flat Earth Theory is just a distraction invented by the Illuminati to have an easier time expanding their plan for world domination. Yeah, it's a stretch, even for conspiracy theorists, so we shall see how far this new conspiracy idea goes.

If you enjoy reading vaguely scientific 'evidence' related to Flat Earth Theory,

check out the Flat Earth Society Website by clicking here.

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