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Get an Online Degree in Space Studies

Online Degree in Space Studies

I came across an online degree program from American Public University that might help fellow space geeks get a little closer to their dream of becoming an Astronaut. The curriculum and program is designed by former NASA astronaut and Dean of Science and Technology Dr. James Reilly, veteran of three shuttle missions and five spacewalks. Former astronaut and current professor, Wendy Lawrence, veteran of four shuttle missions also contributes to the program and brings expertise.

The Space Studies program is entirely online and gives an opportunity for industry professionals to continue their education, and those new to the space or aeronautical field have a chance to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate. The Available Programs include a Bachelor of Science, Graduate Certificate, Master Of Science, and Undergraduate Certificate.

American Public University uses distance labs so that busy students can work the classes into their schedules. According to the website:

"Students learn a composition of aeronautical and space science, operations, and public policy studies. Students have the flexibility to expand their interests in specialized topics regarding space station, satellite, and spacecraft operations, as well as astronomy and space exploration. Very few space studies academic programs match the breadth and scope of this innovative online program, which attracts individuals from a variety of professions related to NASA, the United States intelligence community, government agencies, general education, science or military sectors."

It's free to apply, but no word of how much the program actually costs.

Online Degree in Space Studies

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