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Bank Card Blues

When I bought my house, I went to the bank to request a change of address. A female employee completed the paperwork and said the change would reflect on my account within 48 hours. Simple enough, right? Fast forward a few months...

I recently went to my bank to request a new ATM card. I didn’t lose my old one, it wore out. A crack began to form down the center and so I went in on a Friday to ask for a replacement. The pregnant employee who sat at an office to the side asked if she could help me. I told her what I wanted as I sat down at her desk. She placed an order for the replacement, verified my address, and guaranteed that my new card would remain active until I activated the replacement. Sounds good. I headed off to the supermarket, and when I went to pay my bill the card was declined. I was shocked because my check was deposited that day. I headed back to the bank and went into the same office. The girl apologized and denied knowing why my card was cancelled because she "didn’t check the box" for that to happen. She placed a call to reactivate my broken card and promised that my new one would arrive within a few days. Mistakes happen, I accepted her apology and went home.

The following Friday, when I still didn’t have the new card, I went to the bank again to ask why. This time an assistant manager took a look into her computer system to discover the card was returned - they mailed it to the wrong address. This is weird because the last girl verified my address and the woman before her promised that my change of address would be effective in 48 hours. The assistant manger completed a second round of paperwork and promised that this time the change of address would be completed. She also promised that a new ATM card was on the way.

Another week went by, and there I was sitting at the bank a third time in front of a lady with a desk accessory that said "Branch Manager". I explained the trials and tribulations I had endured in acquiring the piece of plastic. She didn't apologize, but did search her computer system for my card. She found nothing. She asked for me to wait while she went to check her safe and see if the card was returned to the bank. NADA. In fact, she explained that she had "no clue where" the card was...and promised (a third time) to send me a new one.

Did I eventually get a new ATM card? Yes, after another two weeks. So I will not use this piece to argue that women are poor workers, but based on my banking experience it seems there is a lack of quality in their work. I dealt with a total of four women from the initial change of address to the process of acquiring a card. At any point in the process one of the women could have taken charge and found a solution to the problem. Two of them, the assistant and branch manager, had the authority to due so - but instead took a lackadaisical attitude towards getting me a new card. I think a man would have taken a more proactive approach to fixing the problem, at least I would have. So I wonder, are you an employer? Do you find that the quality of work from your female employees is better or worse than their male counterparts? If you are an employee, do you find that you are fixing mistakes made by female coworkers? Is there a reason that the gender pay gap exists?

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