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What is Sexy: Girls In Bikinis

Now that summer is in full swing, sexy ladies are hitting the beach to show off their bodies and work on their tans. If you're as big a fan of girls in bikinis as we are, then you're going to wanna get a closer look at those summer bodies. You have a couple of options to try to get a better look: one, there's the old "throw a football and catch it near her" attempt, like you see in the movies. It's a decent option, but hard to pull off since you're bound to stump a toe trying to beeline through all the beach gear laying around. Option two is the "offer to rub oil/sunscreen on her back" approach. This usually just comes off as creepy and might make her call the cops. A third option is the "I'm a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photographer" approach where you offer to take a few "tasteful" photos that you will submit to the publisher and promise to make her a star. This too might mean the cops get called. So after looking at the risk versus reward ratios of those pick up attempts, we think your best bet to get a look at sexy summer beach bodies is simple: checkout the latest collection of pics from the What is Sexy series below.

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