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Not Sexy: Sploshing

We can be pretty kinky, after all we are down for a little shibari or even seeing some sexy girls with pizza - but we have to draw the line somewhere. For us, it's sploshing.

We first became aware of the fetish after a staffer mentioned that one of his ex-girlfriends had dated a guy who was into it. Apparently, she came home to catch him watching porn videos of girls smearing cake on each other while a clown watched. So of course, after a ridiculous story like that we had to Google it.

According to Urban Dictionary: Noun: a sexual/sensual food exchange, in which at least one person covers another person in foods of different tastes, textures, and temperatures. Eating the food off said person is optional. It is common practice for the "sploshee" to be nude so as to heighten the feeling of the food on their bare skin. The "splosher" can be nude or clothed based on preference. Other common usages are the present verb splosh.

Sploshing is basically a fetish where one enjoys getting wet and messy. Where the train goes off the tracks is in the menu choices: the most popular "sploshing" item is cake. Also known as cake sitting - like in the pics above. We have no desire to eat a cake after someone sat on it. I hope she at least took a shower before hand.

According to Wikipedia the most common substances focused on by WAM (wet and messy) enthusiasts include whipped cream (ok, we can get down with that), raw eggs, milk, lotion (see lotion play), paint, oil, mud, pudding, chocolate sauce, fruit juice, beer, shaving foam, custard, baked beans, ketchup, ice cream, peanut butter, slime, and cake batter, among others.

In other words a laundry list of weirdo shit. There is even a Splosh Dating Group on Facebook. Something tells us it's a bunch of dudes hoping to find the love of their life while sending money to another dude who is pretending to be a chick.

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