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What is Sexy: Surfer Girls

As we continue our sexy summer series, this week we feature sexy surfer girls. These girls love to spend all day at the beach, soaking up the rays. And there's a reason the Beach Boys dedicated a song to them. Truth be told, we have never seen a surfer girl who didn't have a rocking body. That's because surfing burns calories and requires a lot of stamina and athleticism - which is good news for you if you can manage to tame one of these wild girls. Not to mention, when you surf you wear a leash around your leg to keep from getting separated from your board. That suggests that these chicks might just be down for a little kinky action later when the sun sets. Problem is, it's hard to get a beach loving girl to leave the sand and water so you just might have to be willing to have a little sex by the beach. By the way, don't assume girls cant surf" some of these ladies shred the waves. Check out the surfing videos below.

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