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What is Sexy: Thicc Starbucks Girl

If you follow the What is Sexy series, then you already know we love girls with coffee so that's why when we came across this sexy and thicc Starbucks girl we just about tripped over our own tongue. We searched her out to find that her name is Juliette Michele, but she goes by the name Bishoujo Mom. Juliette Michele is a self described model, certified makeup artist, and costume designer - skills that make her the perfect cosplayer.

There is an old Reddit where some guys thought she had a few too many calories for them. But that's ok because she looks just about perfect to us and those extra calories would keep us going long into the night. Callie Cosplay is still our favorite cosplayer, but Bishoujo gives her a run for our money. Follow bishoujomom on Instagram and check out her Facebook Fan Page. She also has her own website here.

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