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Woman accused of sending man 65,000 texts, taking bath in his home

from WTHR:

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. (WTHR) — A woman is accused of stalking an Arizona man after she sent him thousands of texts and broke into his home.

Jacqueline Ades and the victim had gone on a date and even though he claims he no longer was interested, she kept pursuing him.

Officers had found Ades outside of the victim's home on multiple occasions. On April 8, they found her taking a bath in his house. Officers also found a butcher knife in the passenger seat of her car, TMJ4 reported.

She was arrested, but once released she continued to send him threatening text messages.

Authorities say that Ades in total sent the victim 65,000 text messages — approximately 500 texts a day, TMJ4 reported.

One of the texts read: “…Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you...I don't wanna be a murderer."

She also told police she wanted to wear the victim's body parts and bathe in his blood. She also claimed she loves him.

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