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What is Sexy: Grilling Girls

With the Fourth of July coming up, we thought long and hard about what best represents America for this weeks What is Sexy post. We already brought you a collection of patriotic girls and a sexy set of pics featuring girls and guns. So we had to dig deep and then it struck us: what's more American than grilling? Think about it. You don't hear about people in Russia cooking hot dogs and hamburgers over a flame. I mean the average adult male probably spends more on his grill than his wardrobe.

As manly as cooking meat over an open flame is, we are modern males and are willing to hand the tongs over to our lady on occasion - if she is willing to grill in a sexy way that is. That's right, this week we bring you girls who grill, a group of ladies who take grilling to a new level by cooking in their bikinis and daisy dukes in an attempt to get the meat just right for you. What a lucky guy you are.

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