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What is Sexy: Marine Kirstie Ennis

This week for the What is Sexy Series, we pay tribute to a sexy female Marine named Kirstie Ennis. She enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school at age 17, ultimately serving six years, and while operating as a door gunner during her second deployment to Afghanistan the helicopter was gunned down and crashed - leading to Kirstie having her leg amputated. The crash also destroyed her jaw, smashed her legs and arms, and caused her brain and spinal damage. But Kirstie didn't stop living: last summer she carried her warrior spirit to the Walking With The Wounded charity event, postponing her surgery, to join Prince Harry and a group of other veterans for a thousand mile hike through Northern Scotland, Wales, and a final stop in London.

All said and done she has endured 40 operations and had her leg amputated below the knee. But it's been a new lease on life for her as she has become a snowboarder, climbed Kilimanjaro, and now has posed naked on top of a mountain to be photographed for a magazine that will soon be on newsstands nationwide. ESPN The Magazine has chosen the Marine veteran to appear in its famed "Body Issue," on newsstands July 7. I think after looking at the photos below, you will agree with us that Kirstie is sexy - and she embodies everything we could hope for in a woman: a never give up attitude, she takes care of her body and spends time outdoors, she is patriotic and loves America and enjoys a day at the range with her guns, she has a nice collection of tasteful tatts, and not to mention her leg is damn fine. Follow Kirstie Ennis on Facebook and Instagram.

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