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What is Sexy: Glow in the Dark Girls

We received a request for something we never thought of before...girls who glow in the dark. Now at first we were like hmm, we never thought of that as sexy. After some Google searching, we get it. These chicks are hot. Basically it's a look from the club and rave scene or maybe even the high fashion world: apply a little black light paint (think of henna tattoos), hair color, or even wear some sexy glow in the dark clothing and voila, you have a girl you can't take your eyes off because well, she is probably the only one you can see with the lights off. But all this glow in the dark gear does accentuate some of the sexiest features of a woman and that makes it worthy of the What is Sexy Series. Check out the collection below and tell us what you think of glow in the dark girls.

Check out the entire What is Sexy Series by clicking here.

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