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Man Claims to have Bigfoot Head, Frozen since 1953

A man named Peter Caine has a weird family heirloom of sorts: a frozen Big Foot head that weighs over 100 pounds. He states that his father, Mike Caine, shot the Sasquatch with his friend Morty Lucas while on a hunting trip. It's remained in the family and been kept in a commercial freezer ever since, which he adds has cost the family a good deal. Peter claims it is the only proof of the existence of Sasquatch. In the video below, he claims to have the frozen feet as well:

In the video below, he examines the weight and dimensions of the head, claiming it was x-rayed to reveal two esophagus. The hair-covered creature, which he believes is actually a skunk ape, was cut up into pieces so it could be transported away from the swamp in which it was found. Caine says the bigfoot remains put a strain on his family because his mother didn’t agree with keeping it in the freezer.

He said: “It broke my parents up. My dad brought the head in on a platter during Thanksgiving, and it ruined Thanksgiving and just kind of destroyed my parents’ marriage.

“My mom was grossed out by out. She didn’t want to look at it — she said it looked too human-like. She thought it was macabre.”

Apparently it will be put on display at a Bigfoot museum and theme park that he hopes to build.

Check out Peter's YouTube page for move videos of the Bigfoot carcass.

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