5 Bizarre Tombstones

Meant to serve as a memorial for those who have passed away and, in some instances, a final word to the living, tombstones are, for the most part, fairly run of the mill. But in some cases they can also be incredibly strange. YouTube user Dark5 has put together a showcase of some of the weirdest grave markers found throughout the world, from a tombstone for a child who had apparently been dubbed 'Baby Monster' to a mysterious piece that purportedly contained a hidden treasure map.

One of the more famous stories featured in the video concerns a Vermont man from the 1800's named Timothy Clark Smith. Over the course of his life, Smith heard a number of chilling stories about people inadvertently being buried alive. These tales of 'Lazarus Syndrome,' which was not altogether uncommon at the time, apparently had a tremendous impact on him as he developed a profound fear of falling victim to the phenomenon.

As a result, Smith actually designed an elaborate grave in order to ensure that he would not be prematurely buried. Containing a subterranean staircase, presumably to allow him to escape should he come back to life, the sites is topped off by a large square marker that features a small window. This macabre observation bubble was positioned so that Smith's face could be seen in case he needed to cry out for help.

Fortunately for him, all of the preparation proved to be unnecessary as Smith passed away in 1893 without incident. In the century since his passing, time and moisture have made the window little more than a curiosity as observers can only see about six inches down into the grave today. Nonetheless, the site remains a popular stop for travelers in search of the strange and unusual who are hoping that, just maybe, they'll somehow catch a glimpse of the man who was terrified of being buried alive.

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