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What is Sexy: A Clockwork Orange Girls

One of our favorite movies of all time is A Clockwork Orange, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971. The movie is based on a book written by Anthony Burgess of the same name. We liked the movie so much we actually read the book, how often can you say that about a movie? It's a futuristic tale where Malcolm McDowell plays a charismatic and antisocial delinquent gang leader. When the gang embarks on a night of "ultraviolence", Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is arrested and goes to jail when he is convicted of murder and rape. During his incarceration, he undergoes a new form of rehabilitation which leads to his early release. But things changed while he was on the inside, and he struggles to adapt to life outside of prison. The movie is difficult for some to palate, as the dark satire addresses several social questions such as violence in human nature, and can that urge be conditioned out? The movie was rated X in the United States because Kubrick included 30 seconds of footage featuring explicit sex. He later removed it for theatrical release to achieve an R rating. The movie was also blamed for several acts of copycat youth violence such as when a 16 year old boy murdered an elderly homeless man, and a rape where the perpetrators sung a song from the movie. If you haven't seen A Clockwork Orange you should. It' s a wonderfully directed and thought provoking movie. The girls in our latest What is Sexy collection seem to agree, as they have copied the look of the movie is a sexy way. We hope you enjoy the sexy collection of A Clockwork Orange girls we give you below.

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