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THOTS on Skype

THOTS on Skype

Many workplaces, mine included, use some form of instant messenger for interoffice communication. We use Skype, which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. In this application, a user is given the option to use a personal picture so that when someone clicks or hovers on their name, you get that personal touch of seeing what the person you are contacting looks like.

It’s a great idea - if the user has some class.

You see at my work many of the women choose smutty Instagram type selfies for their image. So when ever I go to instant message one of my co-workers and type a name, I see a picture from these hoes which include cleavage shots and duck lips. These kind of pictures are bad enough when they clog your social media feed, but at work? I am learning quickly that a hoe is easy to spot regardless of where she is. I guess a true slut wears it like a badge of honor where ever she goes. It's as if the THOTS expect some man on the other side of the country in another office to buy into their game.

What do you think? Are certain profile pics just inappropriate at work? Have women lost all class?