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Illuminati Tattoos

After the success of our recent post Alien and UFO Tattoos, we knew we had to search out another topic of interest: the Illuminati. Now it's highly doubtful that just displaying a symbol of the group rumored to rule the world means you are a member of the group, or will be invited to join. In fact, there are quite a few online scams out there by people claiming to be members and sometimes even claim to be recruiting new members - for a small fee. So take the following people with a grain of salt.

Now before we reveal our collection of Illuminati tattoos, you need to know what this mysterious group is. So if you have been living under a rock and have no clue, read our post A Brief History of the Illuminati to get up to speed. Ok, now that you know what the Illuminati is, and the nefarious plan that they have in place, read Symbols of the Illuminati: All Seeing Eye and Pyramid which is an important post for a many reasons. Most importantly, you will notice in this collection of Illuminati tattoo pictures that the most common one is the all seeing eye. It's probably the most recognized symbol of the Illuminati and possibly its most powerful image. Seen on the dollar bill and many other places (including government logos), the all seeing eye represents control - everything is seen and therefore you are never truly free and your information is never private. At the click of a button you can and are being watched. Don't believe us? Read How the Illuminati is Monitoring You.

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