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UFO and Alien Tattoos

A few of us around the BDSC office have tattoos. The subject matter varies, but not a single one of us has a tattoo related to our UFO and Alien obsession. So then we had a brain storm and thought what a great idea! We should all get matching UFO related tattoos.

If you think about, it a lot of people get ink that represent their passions in life and for us Ufology definitely fits the bill. What better way to mark that life changing Alien Abduction or UFO sighting. That way when your old and senile you will have a nice little memory trigger permanently etched on your skin.

So we started thinking about what we would get and looked to the Alien and UFO Cartoon Series for our initial inspiration. Then we began searching the dark reaches of Google for inspiration and came across the artwork you see pictured below. Tell us what you think, and tell us would you get a UFO or Alien tattoo?

Be sure to check out the UFO and Alien Cartoons series.

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