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Student takes shot at colleges anti-gun policies

from TacticalShit:

Well photo shoot! Kent State allows for carry on campus but only for guest and not students. After her graduation Kaitlin Bennett posed on campus with her AR-10. You may ask why she looks familiar? Well she has gone Viral before with this video from Facebook.

A conservative woman who recently graduated from Kent State University, she has received threats after she took aim at her school’s anti-gun policies in a photo shoot where she carried an AR-10 and wore a cap that said, “Come and take it.”

Kaitlin Bennett, a 22-year-old Second Amendment supporter from Zanesville, Ohio and founder of Liberty Hangout at Kent State, a student media outlet that promotes libertarian values, posed in front of the Kent Student Center for the tweet that has gone viral.

“Now that I graduated from @KentState, I can finally arm myself on campus. I should have been able to do so as a student – especially since 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the government on this campus. #CampusCarryNow,” she posted on Twitter Sunday.

Bennett told Fox News she wanted to condemn the school’s “insulting” policies.

“I have no apologies for my graduation photos,” she tweeted Tuesday. “As a woman, I refuse to be a victim & the second amendment ensures that I don't have to be.”

In another tweet, she made it clear her gun is an AR-10 and not an “assault rifle” as many had claimed. “Don’t talk about gun control,” Bennett wrote, “when you can’t even get your facts straight.”

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