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What is Sexy: Daisy Dukes

Summer is just about here and women's fashion is about to take a turn for the better. Gone are the sweaters, Uggs boots and puffy jackets. As the temperature heats up, clothes come off and women everywhere are about to start showing off their assets. One of our favorite summer essentials are classic Daisy Dukes. Last week we talked about how sexy girls in jeans are, well when you cut 'em off for summer you get a whole new level of sexy. Some call them jorts, others cutoffs, whatever you call them these low riding, high cut shorts show off those legs and a peek of ass that makes a mans heart pound right out of his chest.

Daisy Duke

Now the Daisy Duke short was invented, or rather names after, heartthrob Catherine Bach who lived in them on the classic 1980's TV show the Dukes of Hazzard. She entertained male viewers with her long lean legs for 147 episodes through the mid 1980's as she climbed in and out of her Jeep. Bach even made many of Daisy's costumes herself, especially the early ones. According to Wikipedia, network censors believed that Daisy's famous cut-off shorts alone would be too revealing. Since the shorts were so short the only way the producers could get them on air was for Catherine Bach to wear flesh-colored pantyhose with them to ensure that the shorts revealed no more of her than was intended. After Daisy was becoming a sex symbol across America, at the suggestion of the show's producers Bach posed as Daisy Duke for a poster which sold 5 million copies. The poster created unexpected admiration from Nancy Reagan and other staff after Bach visited, and Bach sent a copy of the poster to one of her former schoolteachers employed in the White House. Jessica Simpson introduced the shorts to a modern audience in a 2005 movie. You can decide who wore it better.

Check out our collection of girls in Daisy Duke cutoff shorts below. They are a little bit county, but that doesn't stop city girls from wearing them too. Be sure to like and share our post.

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