• Powerball Money

2019 Plymouth Superbird

We found a new car to add to our Powerball Money garage: the 2019 Plymouth Superbird. These images are only concept renderings but look really impressive and look like something that we would like to see on the road and in our garage.

Rumors suggest it will carry V8 power, but exact details about the engine and its size are unknown. Though it may come naturally aspirated, we hope it's available supercharged as an option. That means it could offer up anywhere from 300 hp to 600 hp - more is possible. The Ford Mustang comes with a range from 300 to 450 hp while there are a few special limited editions that offer up to 700 hp and the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat pumps out 707 hp standard, so to live up to its Superbird name it will need similar power to compete.

Looking at the photos, it pays homage to its classic roots while still looking modern with clean lines and an imposing presence. Not to mention that aggressive stance. The front displays a large and menacing looking grille with a chin spoiler.

The headlights and fog lights are placed nicely and are incorporated into the grille, while the hood openings will allow additional amount of air to be delivered and extracted to and from engine bay.

The tail lights and headlights feature LED technology, improving overall looks, and at the back we get two large exhaust tips. The Superbird sports impressive 22 inch wheels with high performance low profile tires to keep all that power on the ground.