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The Knife Game AKA Five Finger Fillet

The Knife Game AKA Five Finger Fillet

The Knife Game, AKA Five Finger Fillet, is a challenge that involves placing your palm face down on a flat surface and attempting to stab a blade between the fingers without hitting them. We did this when we were in fifth grade with a pencil and have a little pencil mark to show for it, so we do not recommended it. But it is fun to watch other people!

Though its first appearance remains unknown, the Knife Game became popularized as early as 1986 with its inclusion in the science fiction film Aliens. In the scene (shown below), an android named Bishop (played by Lance Henriksen) holds down the human marine William Hudson (played by Bill Paxton) and performs the knife trick on him.

In 2011, YouTube musician Rusty Cage wrote a song to go with the game, which eventually led to the birth of copycat videos. The game is even worthy of a Wikipedia mention.

This girl may be the best at the game yet:

Of course, if you search YouTube you can find plenty of Knife Game Fails:

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