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Rockwell Keyless Drill Chuck

We recently picked up the Rockwell Keyless Drill Chuck for ¼” Hex Drives to complete a little project we were working on. It seemed like a pretty cool tool idea, an attachment to put on our impact driver, saving us the need to invest in a drill. Now we realize we should have a drill, but we were trying to save a little cash. Turns out, we should have saved the money we spent and saved it towards an actual drill.

The Rockwell Keyless Drill chuck does the intended job, with complications. We found that it repeatedly loosens and loses grip on the drill bit. We actually had to constantly tighten the collar to keep a grip on our drill bit. It's functional for occasional use but don't think it's suited for everyday use. Rockwell markets the attachment as follows:

  • This light-duty keyless chuck attaches to ¼” hex drives

  • Allows screwdrivers with ¼” Hex quick-change chucks to use round-shank drill bits

  • Traditional 3-jaw design with 3/8 maximum shank capacity

  • Not suitable for impact drivers or applications involving high torque load

Now we will admit, we violated the terms of use a bit and attached it to a torque driver. That's where it failed. We set the driver to its lowest torque setting, and gently (we swear) used it as a drill. After about five uses the plastic collar became locked and wouldn't come loose. Who else would buy this attachment but the impact driver user? It seems that Amazon purchasers have had issues with the hex end breaking off. Save your money, we ended up throwing it away.

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