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What is Sexy: Girls in Towels

If you're building the ultimate bachelor pad, then you need a few female friendly items around. Things like nice sheets set the mood and some high quality, soft bath towels make sure that she feels pampered after a long night of lovemaking. You will both need a shower and while you might be ok with whatever towel that is laying around, she will expect hotel quality. We recommend something with a high quality cotton that is blended with bamboo to help them dry out faster. You don't even have to spend much to get a good set of bath towels. Here is a set that is cheap and environmentally friendly.

Now one of the best things about a girl spending the night is getting to see her the next morning fresh out of the shower with her hair up and wrapped in a towel. It means her legs are shaved and smooth, she smells amazing, and that fresh clean body makes us want to go to town again. The women below show us that something as simple as a towel can drive a man crazy. Be sure to check out the rest of the What is Sexy Series and submit ideas you want to see in upcoming posts.

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