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What is Sexy: Girls in Jeans

Jeans are a long time fashion staple but they were invented as functional clothing for workers during the California gold rush. Levi Strauss immigrated from Germany to New York in 1851, and quickly headed to San Francisco in 1853 to set up a business that sold many things including cotton. One of his customers was a tailor who ordered a pair of tough pants that could withstand the rigors of hard labor. That man, Jacob W. Davis, took the pants that Strauss supplied and added his own touch to the jeans by reinforcing critical areas like the pockets with copper rivets and improving on the zipper.

Realizing that they had a winning pair of jeans, Davis asked for the patent and ultimately partnered with Strauss to form the Levi Strauss & Co in 1873. No longer just work wear, jeans come in all sorts of colors and designs. Luckily for us, jeans are getting slimmer and tighter fitting as women are hitting the gym and wanting to show off all that hard work. Still, it doesn't take hours of cross fit to make this fashion look work. Thick or thin, any woman can look sexy AF in a pair of jeans. They show off the curves, highlight a nice booty, and can cover flaws like dimples by making everything look a little tighter. Not to mention, a girl in jeans and a cute t-shirt seems approachable and down to earth. That's why we have made girls in jeans the focus of this weeks What is Sexy collection. Check it out then tell us what you think of a girl in jeans in the comments below.

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