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Black Barbie Doll's Cornrows Spark Controversy on Social Media

According to an article in Allure Magazine (we swear we don't read it) a new black Barbie doll is making social media headlines be cause it has corn rows.

Since Barbie faced a wave of backlash on not being inclusive enough, you know because she is a blue eyed blonde, Barbies now come in a spectrum of different shapes, sizes, and skin tones, To try to appeal to a wider range of girls who might buy a Barbie, Mattel just released its latest version of the iconic toy — and a lot of people are still not happy with it. The reason? The black doll's hairstyle.

Instagram users instantly became offended, one saying "Who's bright idea was it to style the AA Barbie's hair like that. All of these beautiful brown women in all industries, you couldn't find ONE to look to for hair inspiration? You need to remove her and start from scratch IMMEDIATELY!!"

What do you think? Is Barbie Racist? Is the new doll just her token black friend?

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