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What is Sexy: Callie Cosplay

Leah Burroughs AKA Callie Cosplay is a girl we came across while perusing sexy pics for our feature on the Baroness. She is a stunner with pinup girl beauty and curves all over who has posed as a multitude of cosplay characters in her photo shoots - bringing them all to life with a sexy edge.

Callie Cosplay was born in Florida, but is now based out of South Dakota. She describes herself as a "costumer, model, photographer, musician, writer, gamer, and overall geekette". She isn't afraid to show her real self either, frequently posting natural selfies for her followers, often with her boyfriend (sorry guys she is taken). Check out the collection of photos below that we borrowed from her various social media accounts, and be sure to visit her in the links we provide below.

Callie has recently started a Patreon to make it easier to reach her fans around the world. She promises it will make it easier for her to offer more content and more photo shoots. She also promises exclusive content and live chats to her supporters. Be sure to visit her web store to purchase one of a kind photos and fanboy stuff like prints and posters. Follow Callie Cosplay on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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