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What is Sexy: Patriotic Girls

You know America might not be perfect, but we firmly believe that it is the best country in the world. If you are someone who argues it isn't, then why do so many people want to come here? No one would attempt to immigrate to a place that was worse than their homeland, so we must have something pretty good going on here inside American borders. Where else can you speak your mind without fear of arrest, and whine when you don't get your way? America is truly the land of opportunity, a place where social mobility is possible and someone who comes from nothing can achieve greatness. Even the average person in the United States lives a life of luxury that no other place in the world can say is possible, a life full of cellphones and big screen tv's. America also has the greatest life expectancy of any country: the average American lives to be 75 years old which means more time with family, and more time for the pursuit of hobbies and happiness than anywhere else in the world. That freedom means that many men have sacrificed to ensure those inalienable rights. That is why we love a woman who loves her country, and for this weeks What is Sexy we are featuring sexy patriotic girls, the type who support the second amendment and maybe pack a little heat of their own, and will display their home flag proudly in honor of the greatest country on Earth. 'Murica Baby.

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