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What is Sexy: Bea Arthur

april fools prank

This week for the What is Sexy Series we are featuring America's favorite cougar, the Goldenest of Golden Girls, the tall drink of sexy water known as Bea Arthur. Blanche may get all the attention with her sexual innuendo, but we think Bea takes the cake. Okay, we just threw up in our mouth a little. But it's April Fools Day and we had to prank ya. But Bea was a decent piece in her day:

bea arthur military

We know her as Bea Arthur, but before she was the star of TV shows like All in the Family and The Golden Girls, she was a girl named Bernice Frankel. Born in 1922, Bea was just coming of age when World War II broke out in the fall of 1939. Eager to serve her country, the feisty young woman became one of the United States’ first ever female Marines. During World War II, she worked as a truck driver and typist in the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve, receiving an Honorable Discharge in September 1944 with the rank of sergeant. Thank you for your service Miss Arthur.



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