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The Mystery Behind The “1890; A Giant In Japan” Footage

A Giant In Japan

One of the stranger videos to ever appear on the web is one that shows a massive human, a giant, in what looks like very old footage. In the video, we see the giant walk through the streets and tower over onlookers while looking quite imposing. Of course, the amazing footage has caused a lot of speculation and has been shared all over the place. Plenty of Youtubers have analyzed the footage which comes from Japan, and proclaimed it as the definitive proof of Giants on Earth.

The video seems to have first appeared in 2007 when the makers of the video first claimed that it was filmed in 1890 in an unknown location in Japan. While photography and videography were far from advanced during the Victorian Era which the video claims to originate from - it is possible though the time line is a little off since short films first appeared in 1895. This one to us looks period correct. With all kinds of rumors and conspiracies about the historical existence of giants we had to dig deeper and see if it could be true.

Are Giants Real?

Many of the theories about the possible existence of giants stem from the Biblical accounts of something called the Nephilim. The Bible mentions stories of these Giants walking on Earth thousands of years ago. Hopeful believers see the Giant in Japan footage as the ultimate proof that the Bible is correct, and Giants have existed.

Even though we haven't found solid evidence of giants, non-mainstream archaeologists do make mention of the possibility in their works. Some even claim to have found abnormally large skulls and skeletons. We have done a little research into this, and none of the stories or discoveries ever make mainstream news. We can't make a definite conclusion, but there does appear to be a cover up taking place - which leaves us open to the possibilities of Giants walking the Earth at some time in the past.

Unfortunately, as stunning as the Giant in Japan footage is, it's not real. Before we explain, watch the video below:

Truth of the Giant in Japan Video

We did some research into the authenticity of the video and even though the footage claims to be from 1890, it is actually a little over a decade old. Turns out that the reason it first started appearing in 2007 is because that is when the video was created. The truth is that the footage is a short scene clipped from the 2007 movie Big Man Japan.

Filmed as a mockumentary, Big Man Japan follows an otherwise normal Japanese citizen named Masaru Daisato. After being hit by high voltage electricity, Daisato gains the ability to grow to a height of 30 meters tall. The movie also features a host of other strange creatures as part of its mockumentary style. The movie is kinda like X-Men Japan.

A few websites like Ancient Code have since pointed out the correct origins, yet it still gets shared and liked without further research. Popular debunking website Snopes was the first to look into the videos origins: Snopes reporter Dan Evon said “some people have claimed that the footage comes from the early 1800's, while others say that it shows a giant sumo wrestler in a parade. Still, others maintain that the video really shows a Biblical Nephilim giant.”

No doubt the viral sharing of the video has helped the movie reach a larger audience, and the creator seems to have known that this marketing approach would help the otherwise low budget film find success similar to other pseudo-documentaries like the Blair Witch Project. You can see the movie trailer below which includes the giant footage.

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