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Lil Dickey Mentions Aliens

Lil Dicky Aliens

If you follow BDSC then you know we lean towards metal music, but every now and then we come across someone with something interesting to say in other musical genres. A lot of rap and hip hop artists are not afraid to talk about controversial subjects: B.O.B. spoke out on flat earth theory, and pop artist Ke$ha talked about being inspired by an extraterrestrial visit. Up and coming rap artist Lil Dicky has an interesting music video out called Pillow Talking that you can watch below:

In the video, Lil Dicky is having post coital conversation with a woman about various topics, among them is belief in UFO's (fast forward to 6:26) and the fact that the woman doesn't believe, and then going on to suggest that the Pangaea evidence is real and discussion about dinosaurs roaming the Earth. We haven't found evidence that Lil Dicky is a member of the Illuminati, but it will be interesting to see if this popular Hip Hop artist lets anymore of his belief in Aliens be known. Is this mention of UFO's by a popular musical artists a way to have the young generation open up to the idea of an Extraterrestrial presence? A possible push towards disclosure?

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