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What is Sexy: Lollipops

I don't think we need to explain why, but seeing a girl sucking a lollipop is damn sexy. The way they wrap their tongue around the tip, stroking up and down, the little bulge in their cheek, maybe a little dribble on the chin...well it's just so hard to resist. It's kinda like watching a woman eating a banana - you can't help but stop and stare.

Ladies, if you want to turn your man on and make him beg for you, keep a lollipop in your purse and enjoy it from the other side of the table to let him know whats on your mind for later. We searched the deep reaches of the internet to put together this latest collection for the What is Sexy Series: Girls with Lollipops. Be sure to share this post so that other connoisseurs of sexy women can partake in their beauty. Feel free to set this as your desktop wall paper as well, just maybe not at work. For the ASMR freaks, we posted a few videos at the end to fill your needs.

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