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Grinds Coffee Pouches

If your a coffee addict, then your always looking for a new way to get your fix. We came across Grinds Coffee Pouches recently and had to order some to see if they met the hype. We are currently working on our review, but wanted to let readers know about this cool new product in case you wanted to get an order in.

What are Grinds Coffee Pouches? They are small pouches of flavored coffee that claim they can help you feel sharp and focused throughout the day or night. There are 18 coffee pouches in each can. Each pouch is packed with B-Vitamins for energy along with other important nutrients aimed at keeping you bright and alert throughout the day - just like a good cup of coffee does.

Everything you would typically find in an energy drink is in Grinds. Specifically, coffee, water, caffeine, taurine, guarana, B-Vitamins, and some natural and artificial Flavors. Each pouch is equal to about 1/4 cup of strong coffee or approximately 20-25mg of caffeine, which means if you "chew" an entire can of Grinds Coffee Pouches this adds up to the caffeine equivalent of 4-5 cups of coffee

If you dip or chew tobacco, this is the reason Grinds Coffee Pouches were originally created. Quitting tobacco can be a long and difficult process. Grinds Coffee Pouches are a great way to simulate the oral fixation that accompanies chewing tobacco. Also, the caffeine from coffee can help combat nicotine cravings.

Grinds are available in several flavors including caramel, pumpkin spice, mocha, wintergreen, vanilla, and cinnamon roll. We went with one of the sampler packs.

Order Grinds Coffee Pouches here.

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